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Having received the message about the incoming Jedi, Niera waited patiently in the hangar, afraid of what his message might be. As the Aurek Fighter landed, she took a deep breath, and watched as the Jedi Knight stepped out of the ship. "Are you Niera Secura?" He asked her.

"Yes. You have a message for me?" Niera inquired.

"I'm sorry to inform you that your boyfriend, Garren Shain, was killed in the attempt to apprehend Senator Plina Skelch. The Republic and the Jedi Order are deeply sorry for your loss." Torent explained.

Niera couldn't believe it. Garren always had a way out, some way to cheat death. Holding back tears, she asked, "And what of Skelch?" She asked.

"In his final moments, Garren was able to take a lucky shot, and kill her." Torent told her. "We owe him a great deal. We wouldn't be where we now in our fight against the Found if not for him."

"Then we need to finish what he started." Niera replied.

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