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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
One issue which I'm curious to see if you can address - the Special Edition alters a few lines of dialogue; the "Nice <object name>" lines are replaced by various takes of Guybrush saying "Nice!", and the lines for when Guybrush inhales helium from the balloons have been altered (presumably for copyright reasons).
I'll do it like I did with MI1. You can choose between keeping the original dialog or matching the voice acting just by pressing CTRL-q.
When keeping the original text, I still use the voice file if the difference is minor. For instance, "ghost busting stud" vs. "LeChuck busting stud".
For the helium lyrics (and looking into the mirror at Rum Rogers too), they are completely different. Those would be silent in original text mode.

For the "nice object", I use the existing samples, obviously. Some objects do have named samples. For the remaining, I think, I'll stay with one nice variation, as the others are of low quality.
both exist with filenames listed in the speech document that lists which line is allocated to which filename, though as far as I could see the actual files for the unaltered versions of these lines didn't actually get compiled into the game).
I'm not sure how the SE handles this. I got the samples sorted though. I've already got a working classic game. Now I have to write the installer, so it can be released.
My question is - is it possible to introduce a check to see which mode the game is in (i.e. Speech Only / Speech and Subtitles / Subtitles Only) within the SCUMM script, to tell the game to do one thing in one mode or another if in a different mode?
There is a system variable probably meant for this, but it doesn't seem to work in the interpreter version I use.
I don't need it anyways. Like I said, CTRL-q should do what you need here.
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