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Perdante blinked. "I can feel the hatred roiling off of you in waves, Niera," she said softly. "I'm sorry that--Garren lost his life--but he died a hero. Plina Skelch was a cold-blooded murderess, not a Galactic Senator. She was a disgrace to all of the Republic's citizens, and everything that it stands for. I--understand why you want Khristoff to die by your own hand, but be careful. As a former Sith, I know how quickly the desire for revenge can destroy you. There was a time..."

She paused for a moment, clearing her throat. "However, I'm sure that we all have better things to do than sit around and listen to me tell stories! How closely are we following Dominic and Arai? Do you suspect that THEY suspect they're being tracked?" With one last sniffle, she wiped a sticky film of tears from her eyes. "If not, how much time do you think we have before we reach Cocyta? I've never even heard of that planet before," she admitted tersely.
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