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They're too close. Far too close. Prophet Khristoff, you have stationed me as a scout and assassin out here to protect your sacred world, and protect it I shall. These scum are only thirty minutes away from reaching Cocyta's atmosphere. I'll make sure that this ship and its crew never will! You did not teach me the Truth in order for me to let its enemies win, or even survive. My name is Torian K'il, and for your sake alone, Holy Prophet, I shall kill!

Torian K'il's vessel, cloaked in shadow, did not miss the arrival of the behemoth that was the spacecraft Millennial. The device which shrouded K'il's vehicle in a haze of radar-scrambling radiation and electricity did not use the Force. Naturally, none of Khristoff's servants ever did, and K'il was no exception. He was a Rodian, a pilot who had been laid off by his conglomerate on Nar Shaddaa that wanted to cut costs. Peh! He had been one of the best employees of NarOmni Corp., and now...Once he had listened to the words of the Prophet, his life began to have meaning and purpose once more. Khristoff preached that greed and the lust for power were the source of all evil. NarOmni Corp. had transgressed, and its employees would pay for it...

That was why Torian fashioned a crude bomb and planted it in the Corporate Office when he went to retrieve his last credit chit. The building burned right down to the ground, with all of the people still in it. Idiots! The last cost-saving measures they took were to become lax in fire safety...

It was their fault. Not his. Torian shook his head, thinking of those who had lost their lives with nothing but contempt. People such as they deserved to die, along with the Jedi, Sith, and anyone who used the Force for their own selfish gain. He narrowed his bulbous eyes at his target.

Three shots--hull, shields, engine systems. One, two, three. FIRE!

Each monstrous blast of heat met its intended target, the parts of the Millennial that were not only vulnerable, but would cause complete chaos aboard the ship if they were hit. Obliterating you would simply be too easy. I watched that building burn. It was entirely too quick! The Office was constructed of such cheap materials that my bomb completely incinerated it before I could fully enjoy the agony of those who had taken my livelihood away. Now I shall watch you suffer, intruders, and suffer slowly! If any of you manage to make it to the escape pods, you'll be forced to crash-land on N'tala, an asteroid inhabited by disgusting, yellowish-green, hostile aliens!

If the locals don't kill you outright, they'll imprison you all for being spies!

As Torian watched the Millennial stagger in space, he smiled coldly.

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