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Not to be a jerk or to throw fuel on the fire, but this thread was most fitting for this somewhat recent event.

Brian Moriarty was at PAX East this past March 2010 and after a discussion of Interactive Fiction, for which he was on the panel of, I asked him if he could write a blurb that said "Forge and Fold COMING SOON!!". He looked at me, chuckled a bit, and then wrote the following:

I was first to ask questions after the panel, but to be nice, I asked a dumb quick question to the guy running the panel, and really wanted to ask the group on the panel about any company rivalry stories back in the heyday. As I tried to ask that more fun question the guy running the panel told me "One question, thank you!" and moved on. And he was a bit of a jerk about it. Blech.

So I stayed after to get Brian to sign that above. I hate that I only had lined paper for it. I felt so juvenile. But the signature is now sitting in my "Classic Adventure" LucasArts game box on my shelf. Sweet.

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