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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
Great news, I was hoping you'd go on to do an MI2 Ultimate Talkie Edition. = )

If you're planning on fixing graphical issues like in the SoMI Ultimate Talkie Edition, I've got a couple here to watch out for:

-On Phatt Island, the creases in Guybrush's "WANTED" poster disappear once you've pasted Kate Capsize's brochure over it.

-Guybrush's shirt is dark grey while diving to the bottom of the ocean, rather than white like everywhere else.
These are results of late-stage graphical tweaks to the original MI2. At first Guybrush's wanted poster lacked creases even in its normal state. When the artists added dirt and creases to the poster, they forgot to do so for when the poster is partially covered by Kate's flyer.

Also, Guybrush's shirt was originally going to be a medium gray color (this can still be seen in screenshots from the very first slideshow demo). This was later changed, obviously, but for some reason the sprites of him diving down from the boat didn't get tweaked like the rest.

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