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Couple more little bugs:

-Occasionally when changing to a new screen in the Caverns of Meat, the verbs will briefly flash Green/Brown for a split second before returning to their usual purple colour.

-Can't remember if either of these are in the original game, but they confused me a bit when I ran across them on this playthrough. When talking to Herman by the pond (after filling it with water, without having spoken to him there when it was dry), I could ask "So you're not the only one on the island?" even though he hadn't previously told Guybrush about the locals (though admittedly, I had read the memos), and he seemed to think he'd already told me about his banana picker even though he hadn't. He also appended the line "I told you they took my banana picker, didn't I?" to the end of the conversation after Guybrush tells him he thinks Elaine is in the caverns under the island (the end of the "I came here to rescue someone" dialogue option), which seemed out of place.

Just in case it makes any difference, the settings I've been playing on are: Narrator ON, Fully-voiced mode, No Spiffy Closeup.
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