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The overhead speakers errupted in a screetch of sound, causing the entire cafeteria to give up a shout of surprise and pain in response. Sal looked up, as if the answer would be written on the ceiling. Taking his communicator from his belt, he put the speaker in front of his mouth.

"Sal to Navigations Officer," he said into the radio, forsaking his surname to save the confusion. It didn't much matter anyway; the only answer he received was an earful of static. Frowning, he tried again. "Sal to Navigations Officer." Still nothing.

"I'm going to the Bridge." He announced, standing up - but he got as far as getting one foot free of the bench before the ship gave a sudden lurch and he was thrown, skidding, to the floor. Before he could regain his feet, two more explosions shook the ship, and a screetching alarm joined the shouts that now filled the air. Salvatore swore as he got to his feet, not looking back at the others before he took off running for the exit.

When he arrived at the Bridge, they were already in full-battle readiness, with Fara at the helm, shouting out orders.

"What the hell do you mean, you can't find them??" She barked at the recon officer as Sal took his place again at the navigation station. His brother was already at his.

"Communication relays are being jammed as quickly as I can pull them up." He announced. "Trying to find an open channel."

"Our long-range sensors are down, too - the short-range ones nearly are, too!"

"Something with enough firepower can't be difficult to find! It must be nearly our size!" Fara's face was going red. "Sal, turn her--"

"I'm trying!" He cried, his face going white. "But we've lost an engine and are leaking fuel!!"
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