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Pain. Blinding pain. I think my left eye is bleeding, too...! When the ship gave its sudden lurch, Perdante had fallen straight to the cold metal floor of the mess hall. Her face had bumped the sharp corner of the table on the way down. No...not the socket, no damage. Still, I have a big gash...

No matter. I have to get to the Bridge and tell the Captain what I sense!

Summoning all of her courage, the Jedi scrambled to her feet, rubbed her pounding head, and bolted toward where Captain Starr and Salvatore were. The Captain herself was shouting, and Sal? The poor man was trying to follow her stream of orders, and he seemed to be lost in the confusion.

I haven't been overwhelmed by that much evil in something, or someone, since Seeker Adeline shackled me to the Throne of Gain back on Coruscant. This one that fired upon our ship is only surpassed in cruelty by his master. If he's not one of Khristoff's minions, then I don't know what he is. Not even the Sith would be this sadistic. They'd just blow up the Millennial. Checkmate!

Thus, quivering, she rushed up to Captain Starr and gurgled out one word:

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