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Originally Posted by Teeth View Post
How do I set up Adlib mode?
In DOS, just run with 'monkey a'.

With ScummVM and environment tracks still playing use boot param 10000.

With ScummVM and MIDI only, just remove the path to the CD tracks. It is supposed to play the MIDI tracks automatically then, but there is a bug with the RC2. For now, either use the boot param 10000, or press CTRL-F5 and "return to launcher", and start the game again.

Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
-Occasionally when changing to a new screen in the Caverns of Meat, the verbs will briefly flash Green/Brown for a split second before returning to their usual purple colour.
I might be able to improve this, but the engine has some limitations causing similar effects throughout the game. Most of them can't be fixed.

-Can't remember if either of these are in the original game, but they confused me a bit when I ran across them on this playthrough.
You did play the latest version, right? Because I fixed several goofs in Herman's dialog scripts already. Most of which you describe here. Of course, there could be more of them.
And reading a certain memo is indeed supposed to enable the "So you're not the only one on the island?".
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