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The roar of a Mandalorian assault rifle echoed through the otherwise silent enviorment as Zarev pointed his Mandalorian assault rifle up towards the sky and fired it in an attempt to scare away the aliens who were curiously looking at him and the wreckage of his ship. The tactic worked, the aliens fled away and Zarev sighed as he looked at his surviving weapns and the small pile of rations. The only weapons that had survived the crash was his personal blaster, his Mandalorian heavy repeater and the assualt rifle that he had just used.

I hate this asteroid. I hate these aliens. And I hate the fact that I was careless enough to get shot down.

A small chime sounded as he turned toward what remained of his ship and he walked over just in time to see the sensor control panel flash weakly and then die out.

It's a wonder it lasted as long as it did.

Millennial, En route to the bridge

Juhani ran through the corridors of the damaged ship as she tried to get to the bridge. It was all happening so fast, one second she had been in the mess hall and the next minute the ship had been hit by some sort of weapons fire.

It seems as if the leader of the Found doesn't want us to find him. It's times like this that I wish I had Bastila's battle meditation ability.

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