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Ah, great to hear you're looking into that, LogicDeluxe. = ) Apart from that, I haven't encountered any further bugs in the new version apart from the two minor issues listed below - I'm not even sure if the first needs fixing, though the second would be nice if possible.

In the opening credits. I usually play with the subtitle speed right up and on Speech Only mode, which is why I noticed this. There are three screens of credits that have to fit a large number of names on-screen at once, and thus use the regular speech font rather than the large credits font. Of these, the subtitle speed seems to make no difference to the first one ("Additional Art By..."), but makes the other two ("Testers..." screens 1&2) disappear really quickly. Is it possible to make the latter two unaffected by the subtitle speed like the first one, so that they can be readable no matter what your subtitle settings are?

Also in the opening credits: In Original CD Music mode, the first few notes of the music from the opening scene (with Guybrush and the lookout) play just before the opening credits end and the scene changes to the lookout point. I know this is because the lookout scene's music is a part of the track for the credits music - presumably the timing is a little off, not leaving enough silence between the end of the credits and the start of the lookout scene's music. Is it at all possible to split this track into two before the conversion to OGG/FLAC, to avoid this issue? This only appears to be an issue with the CD Music, not the SE Music; though presumably the track would need to be split in both to maintain consistency.

Sorry to have so many questions etc. I'm just trying to give as much information as possible, even on little issues, to make sure this can be the best and most bug-free version of SoMI available. = ) I really appreciate all the effort you put into tracking down and fixing things!
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