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Takai grinned as he watched all the combined attacks hit Gatoa...only to watch in horror as it did nothing. His maniacal laughter was quickly silenced. His grin turned into a frown and his eyes widened. This new being was strong...even stronger than him. He continued to stare blankly at Gatoa and did not see a tail come his way.

Taking back control, Takeda jumped backwards to avoid the tail. Now that he was back in control, Takeda observed the battle for a bit. He wanted to try to locate a weak point somewhere on Gatoa, but was not finding any luck.

Then the unimaginable happened. Gatoa grabbed Kaneda when he was in mid attack. Gatoa was squeezing the life out of his friend and Takeda could do nothing. He wanted to move but he found himself stuck in place. His eyes grew wide in horror as he watched one of the tails stab Kaneda and throw his body away.

"He...was...m-my...friend!" Takeda felt a rush of anger take control of him.

An aura of blue began to surround Takeda as he stared at Gatoa. It was soon followed up by a dark red aura. The two aura's began to come together and surround him.

"You took best more. You will take no more!"

Takeda tossed off his mask to allow the conflicting auras to get bigger. He began to preform the necessary hand signs to activate his Buntai seal. He didn't have much time left with it but he would crush Gatoa with what was left. He was so focused on creating the seal he hadn't notice what the others were doing. He didn't notice that Gatoa had caused all of the to float in the air. He could only see himself tearing Gatoa bit by bit for what he had done.

"My code is justice, my intentions are to bring peace. With you alive there can be no peace. So for you...Death is the only way out!" With that there was a flash of light.

The being that stood before the others was hardly recognizable as Takeda. It was the same size yet monstrous. Takeda was covered in some type of black material. It looked like black crystal yet was as hard as bone. The hands and feet now had claws but the most notable change was the head. A black faceless helmet looking thing now was Takeda's head. Suddenly the lower jaw opened up revealing black fangs and what appeared to be Takeda's own face behind it. Takeda let out a mighty roar.

With that Takeda unleashed a fury black ice attacks. Takeda then vanished only to appear behind Gatoa. He let out another monstrous roar as his arms turned into blades. He swung both his arms at Gatoa and the proceeded to go into a berserk state as he began swinging wildly at him.
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