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WTF? BF2 running without the DVD unpatched?

So I recently bought SWBF2 PC DVD version. I uninstalled Steam and the SWBF2 I bought off Steam, installed a fresh copy of SWBF2 with the DVD. Go to install the Unofficial 1.3 patch, and when I am done, SWBF2 automatically runs. The DVD is not in the drive. I thought it was a side-effect of the installation so I tried starting BF2 after installing it. Same thing again - the game works without the DVD. The DVD is not pirated because I bought it from a supermarket's games section, the serial number I used works.

So I am wondering, has my Steam version created a 'no-CD' version of BF2? If it hasn't, what the Diet Dr. Pepper is going on?

I'm not trying to condone piracy, BTW. I am honestly baffled by this, and I would like to fix the issue.
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