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Captain Starr was just regaining her feet when - as if in response to Tysy's assumption - the ship shook again with another proton bomb's impact. The impact sent the aft end of the Millenial skidding sideways; the efforts of Sal to turn the ship around only complicated it, and the ship did a slow one-eighty. Slow as it was, the gravity systems couldn't keep up, and Captain Starr was now thrown against her command console, as Mica went rolling out of his seat.

A moment later, a siren began to go off.

"Mica!" Fara cried, "Get an open broadcast set up! I need to get out an SOS!"

"It's no use!" he growled from the deck, slowly regaining his feet and his balance as the ship gradually came to a resting stop. "There isn't anyone in this sector, and we'll be blasted to smitheriens before anyone even gets a chance to set a hyperspace route!"

"Then I need blasters!" Fara was gradually moving towards hysterics. She had been captain of the Millenial for over ten years now...she wasn't about to lose her now! Her fingers flew across her console's touch-screen. "Where are my turrets??"

"We can't get the turrets to shoot at something we can't locate!" Mica just sounded angry now. He abandoned his post and marched to the other side of her podium, putting his hand on the top and glaring at her. "Forget it, Fara."

"I don't care if we can see it or not! I want every single blasted piece of ordinance we have on this ship going loud, now! Even shooting blindly, we have to be able to hit one of them!"

Mica reached across the top of the podium and slammed Fara's hands into the console to stop them, forcing her to look at him. "Fara."

Another rumble sounded deep within the ship. Now, an automated voice joined the siren.

"Critical systems failing."

The Millenial's bow began to sink.

"Critical systems failing."

Fara stared up at Mica, her eyes wide and glassy. Her mouth had abruptly gone dry.

"Critical systems failing."

Finally, the captain straightened up. Her eyes were dead, but her voice carried all of its usual military authority.

"Salvatore," she said, "What's our trajectory?"

"I managed to balance her out with starboard facing a nearby asteroid." the Navigations Officer answered. "Unfortunately, I have no engines left to move; using the port pods will fling us into empty space."

"Very well." Fara answered, and then looked down at her console. "Mica, get me that open channel."

The Communications Officer looked at her for a moment before he returned to his console. A few clicks later, she had a link waiting on her podium. She hit it, verified her identification number, and made the following broadcast.

"Attention all hands," she said in a calm, directive voice, "Abandon ship. Repeat, all hands to the starboard escape pods. Immediately. Abandon ship."

Once the announcement was finished, Sal set the Millenial - as best he could - on a trajectory that would maintain her current position, allowing the pods to make it to the asteroid. But even so, there wouldn't be enough pods for everyone...

That thought sent his heart thundering into his throat. Not enough pods. If he wasn't fast, he wasn't going to survive this.

And if Perdante didn't get help, she wouldn't be fast enough, either.

Before anyone could make their move - most bridge officers were carrying out the final protocol that went into effect during a Code 911 - Salvatore launched himself from his seat, and ran over to where Perdante was standing by the Sangheili.

"No time to wait for medical attention." he said, bending. "So if you'll excuse me."

Before getting her permission - and before Zen could react - the Navigations Officer had lifted the wounded Jedi into his arms bridal-style, and took off down the starboard corridor.

His twin was left stewing behind him, waiting for Fara to retrieve, copy, and then wipe the ship's logs as his brother made off with his intended target.

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