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D2D has AWFUL customer service and won't respond to any of my open tickets. I just bought it on Steam as well. Sad part is, I have an Xbox version and a PC version back at my parents house. I now own 4 different copies of this game...

These are the fixes from the official Steam forums. I have a feeling they work.

Originally Posted by robinabo View Post
I have found an alternative if you still wish to play in full screen.

Open the swkotor.ini file and set
and add

Then when you first start up the game, and see the lucas arts video, press ALT + ENTER to set the game to windowed mode. Wait for the videos to finish then when you get to the loading screen, simply press ALT + ENTER again to see the game in full screen.

From Jacknifebastard

I found another solution.
I simply rename the three startup movies (they are not necessary, aren't they ?)
biologo.bik, leclogo.bik and legal.bik into biologo.bik.old, etc...

No special manip, no windowed mode, and all my cinematics work perfectly : no more crash !

Try this.

You guys are welcome. The first fix may not be needed if the second one works
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