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Originally Posted by DeadYorick View Post
Revan is your character, they put him into a null void area so you could imagine what happened to him. I doubt actually giving his "fate" would change this in the eyes of most Kotor players
Hasn't appeared to yet anyways.
Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
first of all revans armor was desing by the empeor when he first met him.
Uh no. His mask belonged to a mandalorian woman who dared defy her superior for eradication. The rest of his wears were armored robes.

second i like very much revan and i am unhupy to say he die. he just destroy many things and die to give the republic time to recover thats why the empire attacked the republic 300 years after. and ofcource the republic and the jedi were so stupid that after the jedi war they werent afraid that this will hupen again and didnt create an army. after the sith took coruscant they create army.

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