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Nice gag with don't_readme.txt.

UPDATE: Just came across this really weird thing when I offered Captain Dread the monocle before ever speaking to him:
Guybrush: Would you like my monocle?
Dread: Thanks, mon. I've been looking for a new sailing necklace.
Guybrush: .........Hello?
Dread: Hello, mon!

As amusing as it was, I think in this particular instance the hellos should not be re-insterted. I would also suggest re-instating the "Nice!" variations (at least as an option, like with Spiffy's closeup) simply because the one chosen just isn't as funny to listen to as the others, regardless of quality. There are other voice clips with the same quality issues anyway (Such as "The one and only, sugarbear!" and especially "Now all I need are a few voodoo ingredients.")

UPDATE 2: For some reason the vocal sound effects (Largo screaming, Governor Phatt eating/burping) are missing. Presumably the intention was to replace them with sound effects from the special edition?

UPDATE 3: Hey, nice going with the Bone Song. But one problem - due to the timing of the voices, when LeChuck turns into Secret Guybrush it doesn't sync up with the music anymore. They somehow managed to avert this in the Special Edition (in fact it's basically the one part where they didn't horribly **** up the timing), so do you think it would be possible to delay the music a little?

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