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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
This was intentional. The recording is very strange and somehow sounds horrible in the original order. Maybe it doesn't matter in the SE, since they didn't even bother to beat match the vocals here. But since I did, I noticed that it sounds much better that way. I got the suspicion, that the singer actually got the lines mixed up when he recorded them.
I see your reasons, but doing this completely messes with the flow of the song and means the lyrics and rhyming patterns just don't work as they should. I'd honestly just return it to the original order, as I'd rather have the song make sense and sound a bit off for two lines than have it fit the tune at the expense of the structure of the song itself.

Besides, Fink's a pirate, not a singer - he knows piratey songs, but nobody said he had to be able to sing them well. ; )

Originally Posted by Teeth View Post
I would also suggest re-instating the "Nice!" variations (at least as an option, like with Spiffy's closeup) simply because the one chosen just isn't as funny to listen to as the others, regardless of quality. There are other voice clips with the same quality issues anyway (Such as "The one and only, sugarbear!" and especially "Now all I need are a few voodoo ingredients.")
If this is true and other lines exist with the same quality issues anyway, then I also am totally on-board for requesting the re-instatement of the other "Nice!" variations. = )

Finally, an animation bug I came across in Part II - when handing the Voodoo Lady Rapp Scallion's ashes for the Ash-2-Life™ mix, she briefly has two heads during the animation where she takes the ashes.

Am very much enjoying playing this with the voices - great work so far, LogicDeluxe! Will let you know any more bugs I find. = )
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