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Having completed the game now, I haven't come across many dialogue bugs. A few instances exist where the dialogue doesn't match the audio due to changes made in the Special Edition (talking to the Antique Dealer about Visa, mentioning the Stretchy Strongman to LeChuck in the finale and a few others I forget right now), but as far as actual bugs that's about it aside from the instances I already mentioned.

...Except for one pretty major dialogue bug in Part III - When LeChuck is holding you in his torture chamber, when he says the line "You see that candle over there?", the audio cuts off after "You see that c-" and skips straight to the next line.

Love what you've done with the credits - did it take much effort and reworking to get the music to transition differently to include the bone song and campfire theme? By the way, I like the way it uses the version of the campfire theme from the beginning for the Ultimate Talkie Edition credits before transitioning to the correct whistle-only version for the "do something constructive" suggestions, but is it possible to make it change between the two happen closer to when the suggestions start popping up? At the moment it waits for the song to do a full loop, which means a lot of the suggestions still have the full version of the song playing over them.

Also, I loved the placeholder text in the Ultimate Talkie edition credits. XD Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and all that... cracked me up when I noticed. I assume they'll be replace with names as more people test and submit suggestions, but it was awesome to see.

Excellent work so far, overall, anyway! = D

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