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The sight was a horrific one to see.

Sal and Perdante were far enough away from the explosion that the escaping pressure only jostled their pod, caused it to wobble about a hundred degrees in each direction, before it steadied out again. The Republic officer had just enough time after hearing the explosion to switch from one side of the pod to the other, settling himself in beside Perdante as the wave hit them. They braced themselves against each other until the energy was spent, and their pod evened out again.

Many of the other pods weren't so lucky. Those that had jettisoned only moments before the final explosion were either engulfed in the explosion itself, or battered by shrapnel until they lost velocity, were punctured, or crushed into useless steel cans. Fara, who saw all this from the small, square back window in her pod, screamed a disbelieving "No!" at the fireball. There were still so many of her men there on the many who met a horrible end on a mission that wasn't supposed to be so violent...

She was in the midst of getting to her feet, planning to make a run at the pod's hatch, when the wave caught them. Their pod was much closer than Sal's; instead of simply wobbling, their pod was slammed as if it had been struck by a massive hammer, an additional set of g-forces upsetting the balance of those in the cab. The captain and the officer were lucky; they weren't strapped in. Their bodies could account for the additional pressure by flying into the nose of the pod and slamming there. Fara was unconscious when she slid to the ground again. Mica was the only one around to hear the necks of those strapped tightly into the safety harnesses snap.
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