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When the Millennial met its end, Perdante could not keep from screaming. Any ordinary person might have done so under the circumstances, but the Jedi Knight felt a terror that those who weren't sensitive to the Force did not. She suddenly doubled over as if in pain, because she was. Gripping her head so tightly in her hands that she was almost pulling her hair out, she tried to stifle her shriek so that Sal wouldn't worry. "Aaagh--the pain--the pain--so much death--hundreds lost!"

At that moment, she wished she wasn't a Jedi. At that moment, she would not even have wanted to be among the ranks of the Sith again. At that moment, she wished she were seven years old, subsisting on the streets, but at least relatively safe. There were other homeless people who had helped to care for her, including aliens. Perdante yearned to be back among them, and at peace.
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