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Kaneda watched from his peeking eyes, as his body seemed to float amongst the active members participating in the fight. He couldnt do very much with the state he is in.

Up in the air was a whole new experience; The Ten-Tailed Gatoa was skilled enough with the art of gravity manipulation, that he was able to lift everybody off of the ground. It wasnt that they could not move... well, if anything, everybody seemed to "swim" through mid air. But it did not offer the speed they required to evade or dodge attacks normally by foot on a surface.

Before and during Karela's attack, Asuka was enraged to see one of her friends seemingly "die" from the hands of Gatoa. Takeda began to transform from his reaction.

"You... you monster!"

Asuka came at Gatoa with her lightning infused blade, swinging and clanging it against Gatoa's glowing bone-white flesh.

"A monster? Incorrect... I am far superior than a monster!" She was then was distracted as Takeda transformed into a more darker, enhanced form of his Butai Affinity Seal. He grabbed Asuka by the colar, and kneed her in the abdomen. "I am a demon!" He then tossed her aside like a ragdoll, and concentrated on Takeda.

Takeda came from behind him and began attacking him with the blades formed from his arms. Gatoa could sense his reflexes were superior, and his physical attacks were quite devastating in both power and speed. Gatoa equally met his attacks with his own parrying and defences, using his arms and tails.

Naruto watched as the battle took place. He still hasent recovered from the attack he sent to Gatoa, before he transformed into the Ten-Tailed Beast form. The was no time to be wasted, he "swam" towards Kaneda - whom was still suffering from the brink of death.

Naruto cradled Kaneda, and outstretched a glowing arm. "Kaneda..." Naruto spoke. "There is no more time to waste. I havent recovered from my attack..." he lowered his arm down towards Kaneda's mouth. Kaneda eyed him worryingly. "Bite into me! For once, move on from your concepts of Morality. Gatoa is going to destroy everything you will ever love!"

Kaneda eyed weakingly at his arm, then back at Naruto. "In many situations like this, a true shinobi will go out of his way to help his comrades; no matter what the cost. How else do you think Kakashi-sensai got his Sharingan? From a team-mate whom fought during the Third Shinobi War, and died protecting the lives of future generations."

Naruto's glowing arm was nearing the edge of Kaneda's teeth. "Let me help you, so that you may help me help others!" Kaneda sunk his fangs into Naruto's arm and began consuming...
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