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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
It seems odd, that those particular scene has real time processing, while most samples have effects already added, like Rapp Scallion and Stan in the closed coffin.
I assume scenes with real-time processing (Underwater, Big Whoop Pit, Underground Tunnels etc.) are done that way because Guybrush can look at his inventory in these scenes (with the exception of the intro version of the Big Whoop pit, which was possibly just done for consistency with the later version). If the audio was pre-processed, you'd have to have variations of nearly every inventory item's audio descriptions (as well as other global dialogue such as "Nice." and "I can't move it." etc.) to match each location. If you didn't, you'd have the rather jarring effect of only some of what Guybrush says having the correct reverb. Wheras, for the coffin dialogues, only Rapp Scallion and Stan ever use the effect, so it can be pre-processed with no worry as it doesn't affect any global dialogue.

That's something to consider if you do attempt to implement this with pre-processed audio. If you could, it'd be totally awesome and greatly add to the atmosphere - indeed, I loved it in the SE. But you'd have to do something like add a check to see which room you're in to most of the global dialogue, and have different variations for rooms with different reverb effects. I'd imagine it'd probably be a LOT of work to implement.
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