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GREAT to see you doing this with Monkey Island 2, you did a great job with the first one and I can't wait to see how this one ends up.

A couple of things you may be able to fix or be interested to know about:

In the SE's classic mode, Guybrush says "That is a nice looking beard" when he looks in the mirror in his inventory, but the subtitle says "I feel pretty", were you gonna change that to the "I feel pretty" voice-file for your version of the game?

There are only a few "Nice _____" that were actually recorded (Nice stick, Nice door, Nice window), maybe you could make it so that Guybrush says these for all doors, windows, and sticks with the default "Nice" line. For instance, Guybrush says "Nice stick" on the beach, but when he looks at it in his inventory, just "Nice." Plus there are a couple of doors where simply "Nice" is said. Maybe you could use the available recorded lines and use them whenever possible.

Sometimes when I entered the gambling alleyway on Phatt Island, the wheel-operator would be non-visible for a second, then show up as soon as he said his first line. This is probably because he shares another actor's actor number which is currently in another room, but maybe you could alter this code so that he shows up when GB enters the room, rather than the game calling him back into the room when he says his first line.

I'll post back when I think of more stuff to input.
Great job so far!
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