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Originally Posted by fentongames View Post
In the SE's classic mode, Guybrush says "That is a nice looking beard" when he looks in the mirror in his inventory, but the subtitle says "I feel pretty", were you gonna change that to the "I feel pretty" voice-file for your version of the game?
Yes, I used the "I feel pretty." sample, which, oddly enough, exists.
When the mirror is installed in Rum Rogers cottage, a bit more of that song is quoted for which no samples exists. In that case, I changed the entire text to the SE replacements, since keeping just "I feel pretty." wouldn't make sense in conjunction with the following lines. In original text mode, this scene is silent.
Sometimes when I entered the gambling alleyway on Phatt Island, the wheel-operator would be non-visible for a second
Is there a reliable way to reproduce this bug? I rarely encountered this, and it seemed rather random.
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