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The giant creature that had once been Karela suddenly howled in rage and the aura of chakra that had been surrounding it began to fade away.

That's it. I'm out of chakra. As of now you have to use your own chakra to try and stop that monster.

The tails began to retract back into her body as the creature slowly shrank in size and the fur was replaced by skin until finally all trace of the bijuu was gone and Karela was left standing where the massive bijuu had once stood.

"I failed," she said quietly as she stared at Gatoa. "Even when I fully unlocked the power of my bijuu I couldn't stop him."

She turned to look at Dai's body and then turned to look at where Kaneda's body had been the last time she had seen it only to find Kaneda biting down on the Hokage's arm which was glowing. alive, she thought as she then turned back to look at Gatoa with a huge grin on her face. As long as Kaneda and the Hokage are alive then we have a chance.

Karela reached down into her kunai holster and pulled out her one remaining exploding kunai knife.

"I might not be able to kill you, but I'm going to bet that this will sting!" Karela shouted and then threw the kunai and watched as it hit him right above the eye.
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