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Post A strategy, a glitch and a bug/feature?

Hello people, I've been playing TFU for quite a while now but only just showing my face on these boards . About a week ago I found 3 really neat things, 3 things that were actually the most memorable in my playthroughs and all of this is true. So with out further ado let's begin!

#1 The strategy (Imperial Felucia end part)
I'm not sure about you folks, but when I was a rookie at this game and was on the apprentice difficulty I found this part a bish. I was desperately seeking out sith holocrons or anything to boost my health and now on my 3rd playful on Sith Warrior I actually hit myself on the head. Sith Warrior you obviously take a lot more damage but the purge troopers tend to shockwave and grab you more (at least for me) and this was really annoying while fighting Captain Ozzik Sturn as well as 2 purgies. I decided to say 'stuff the pylons!" and killed everything in my sights, this may not seem like a strategy but it works. I only had to lightning ozzik, spam a few arial combos (this is on the ps3 of course) and enjoyed shouting FOUR! When I smashed him with his own weapon . I might want to add for this section that taking out the snipers and purge troopers is a good idea, force bomb (ps3 R2 + triangle) works really well.

#2 The bug (Bespin Cloud city, middle part)
Many of you are probably familiar of a great gaming nemesis (no it's not bowser!) it is the gaming void, a place of nothingness that is simply there to show you what happens when you... 'experiment?' I love bespin as it is probably the easiest level to do and the most enjoyable, I like challenging myself each time I play through ie. lightning only for the whole leve, attacking only, gripping only etc. so I was spamming an aerial attack on the first jumptrooper to appear in the game (on the sort of bridge that leads to the confrontation with the shadowguard and ugnaught walkers :P) and I accidentally held down square. This means that your character will initiate a shockwave attack where you smash your saber into the ground, possibly causing AOE damage. Now above the great city of bespin and an endless pit I swore as my character plumetted towards the clouds. However, instead of expecting to see starkiller flail out helplessly he continued the lunge pose falling all the way down and into the void where my game became hideously blurred. I held my breath and eventually he said 'ungh' and died... what a anti-climatic death eh?

#3 The bug/feature (Felucia)
Ah felucia... home of the hideously borked felucians on steroids (thanks to the captain) and a jedi master whose headtails are ludicrously used for swinging around and around :P. In the deep caverns I find 4 rancors and 4 riders nothing out of the ordinary... I spam a bit of lightning and attack, kapow the rancor is on the ground. Now during this playthrough I was looking to get as many holocrons as possible so I was scouting around until I saw my character 'ragdoll' his way to the ground near a flappy plant that you could target. Auto targeting failing as it is (thank god for TFU 2 targeting systems... I hope) I missed and hit the flappy plant which lashed out viciously and hit the rancor. To my surprise the rancor almost looked like it was laughing at me and initiated a ragdoll fall I laughed... it was so funny seeing something so large just come down like a teddy bear. Further experimentation found that it could also lash out at you if you're not careful!

I hope you've enjoyed my little experiences and I apologise for the great wall of text!
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