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A bright light shun behind Karela, where Kaneda and Naruto stood. Naruto's purified Nine Tailed Bijuu infested blood was clearly taking an effect on Kaneda.

The emerged Kaneda had placed a hand on Karela's shoulder. What appeared to be Kaneda's Werebeast Form looked entirely different than his default transformation. White Fur completely surrounded his entire body; his clothing was barely made visible. His head hair was thick and grew waste length. His most distinct feature was instead of one, grew a collection of nine hook-shaped tails. He now had a calming face, rather than the usual intimidating one.

"You didnt fail..." he pointed at his index finger at Gatoa, looking at her with Silvery eyes. "Look!"

The spheres Karela had made finally impacted on Gatoa; not even Gatoa could defend himself with his tails. They dealt an impact which caused Gatoa to lose balance. Kaneda began concentrating his chakra: once again infusing the power of Lightning with Wind to create Plasma. A blue and purple chakra aura surrounded Kaneda, and flew off towards where Gatoa fought the Transformed Takeda.

While Gatoa was recovering, Kaneda floated next to Takeda.

"Takeda, lets take him out together! Combine your Yin with my Yang; he wont stand a chance!" Kaneda promised.
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