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Takai had a plan ever since he lost to Takeda and Yoroi, and that was to take over Takeda's body completely and wreck havoc. Now his plan was to stop Gatoa from trying to do the same thing. He found it funny how he could go from evil to antihero in a matter of minutes. While Takeda did all the fighting, Takai could focus on where and how to attack. He was in control of the body as much as Takeda was. While Takeda was attacking Gatoa, he had been working on something to hopefully kill or at the very least just immobilize Gatoa. It was the only technique that Takeda had that Takai enjoyed; the Chiller Touch. Takai had been charging it ever since he and Takeda activated the Buntai Affinity Seal.

Takeda jumped back from his assault as he predicted when Karela'a attack would strike. He was ready to attack again when he heard a familiar voice call his name. He turned his head and saw a large werebeast next to him. The appearance was different but he could sense it was Kaneda. Kaneda seemed very confident in his proposal to him, as if it would work. Takeda nodded his head at Kaneda and looked back to Gatoa. He felt his power increase just a little bit more.

What, I can't have my landlord die on me.

So you're serious about helping?

Takeda nodded his head again, this time to himself. He began to charge up an ice ball with his hands. He appeared behind Gatoa to fire the ball at his back. He then appeared above Gatoa's head with his sword arms covered in black energy. He fired two more Shadow Crescents from the swords as he swung down at Gatoa. At the last second he appeared behind Gatoa once more. He was sure Kaneda wanted to get a few revenge hits in as well before coming in for the kill.

"I'm ready to finish him when you are," Came the voice of both Takeda and Takai. Though still monstrous in appearance, it would seem with Kaneda still alive some of Takeda's humanity was restored.
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