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Hi, I'm Hellbeard and I used to frequent the Mixnmojo forum quite regularly about 7 or 8 years ago, however that made me 12-13 years old and I was incredibly annoying. In fact, I think I was what would be classified as a "troll" before trolls even existed. I made a habit of making stupid threads and irritating metallus, gabez, elTee and haggis among others. Not sure if I ever came close to getting banned, but I probably deserved to be.

My most famous thread was "Hellbeard's Pong Challenge" where I challenged people to beat my score in a 3D internet ping pong game, and the winner got a desktop background I made (it was bad.. I was 12). I thought I was amazing at the game so I refused to believe people who said they beat my score. I was also obsessed with the fact that I got an Earl Boen autograph of his head with a dartboard drawn on it (He drew the dartboard).

I'm from Toronto, Canada and I've played every Lucasarts Adventure game except for the Dig and Zak McKraken, and I am thrilled that Monkey Island, and Sam and Max came back from the dead. (remember when mojo lost its mind when Lucasarts canceled Sam and Max 2!? That **** was crazy!)

Anyways, I just figured that with the recent influx of telltale and lucasarts adventure games that it would be a good idea to make a glorious return to the world of mojo.
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