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Yes, AMD still in the red though I figure this time it's bloodstains left from slaying of ATI. On the earnings conference call CEO Dirk Meyer did say, "We'll be introducing our second-generation of DX11 technology into the market with some launch activities actually next week. We'll be shipping all the family members of that product line I'll call it, by the end of this quarter, and total volume think in terms of several hundred thousand, or hundreds of thousands of units." Source: Anandtech. Other sources are reporting launch is next Friday, Oct. 22, so we should have some performance figures to discuss next weekend. I wonder when and what NVIDIA will respond with. Someone on Expreview's (Chinese language) forums posted about a GTX 580 in the works that got picked up by (German language) and subsequently Fudzilla. So I'm not too sure how reliable this info can be considered. I'm still waiting for a fully enabled GF104 to be released.

Intel's financial performance has been nothing less than impressive, especially considering the current state of the global economy. Must be nice to have such a large share of the CPU market.

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