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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
Yep, only one CD, also, the MP config file prob won't get created until jk2mp runs successfully for the first time i think. anyways, it's called jk2mpconfig.cfg if you want to create one, otherwise just put stuff in a file called autoexec.cfg and it will be run when jk2 starts no matter what.
I'm not following ya.

Autoexec.cfg, jk2config.cfg, and jk2configmp.cfg are all teh SAME files, with different names obviously. I just made the files hoping MP would load.

With all of this, I'm still getting the force close error. Also, when I click ok on the error, my desktop colors are extremely bright...

Any ideas?

EDIT: I tried by naming it jk2mpconfig.cfg and it didn't work...

EDIT2: I just tried putting all those files in the base folder, still nothing...

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