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After Takeda completed his assault, it was Kaneda's turn.

Kaneda leaped from the floor towards Gatoa, charged with fiery plasma aura surounding him. The worrying Gatoa reacted to this with combo's upon combos of melee attacks consisting of his arms and tails - to which Kaneda either dodged or parried. He was almost equal match to Gatoa's power; thanks to his combined power of Naruto's and his own.

Gatoa began to get frustrated, and called on for desperate measures. Using his hands and tails, Gatoa performed what must have appeared to be handsigns. He spread out his arms "Chibaku Tensei: Ultima Imprisonment!"

Streams of white chakra began moving from Gatoa's palms. Those white streams of energy formed a ring around Kaneda and the entire platform with everyone on it. That ring began multiplying in a 360 degree motion, until it formed a sphere of pure destructive chakra energy. The sphere grew smaller and smaller.

Just as Gatoa was about to announce his victory, the sphere made a sudden stop. The sphere began to tremble and tremble. The sphere then exploded, many of its shards hitting the Gatoa and the machinery behind him. As the smoke cleared, Kaneda was seen visible with his arms outstretched. A sphere of electrifying blue and purple chakra surrounded the entire team. "Funny..." Kaneda chuckled. "I didnt think the Shield of Justice technique would be that completely adaptable - especially for Plasma Chakra."

Just then, Yoroi appeared behind Kaneda and Takeda. He then replenished their chakra reserves with his own. "This is it, Kaneda, Takeda. Show the world what it means to be a Shinobi--"

"We wont let you down, Yoroi!" Kaneda knealt down beside him. "You will take a huge credit for your role towards this. We will make this count!"

Gatoa narrowed his eye at Kaneda. The next thing the beast knew, Kaneda leaped up in the air to confront him. Kaneda exchanged his own combo melee attacks, charged with Plasma chakra. Gatoa could only block some of them, but each of Kaneda's hits dealt a good deal of damage. Kaneda climbed atop of Gatoa's back, and landed several attacks on Gatoa's spinal cord, ending his assault with a powerful blow to the skullgem eye.

Kaneda then appeared opposite of Takeda, blazing with plasma chakra. He nodded at him, indicating the final blow. Both of Kaneda's fists began charging with spheres of energy.

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