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Originally Posted by sixdeath View Post
inside the tomb of one of the old sith lords before revans time, if you paid attention the sith destroyed themselves they always do when they are in high numbers they dwindle in numbers over time.
[Greetings. ]

I thought we had already established this?

what makes these "true sith" any different if they are true to what they are then they do the same thing.
This point is one that seems to be making some people question whether or not to even play this MMO game. Like whether or not it is really even worth playing since it's a filler.

We all know it's a blur for the foreseeable future up to the point of 1000 BBY.

That's just the thing, we don't know if they actually *are* any different other than their arcane and little understood crafts, their heritage, etc.

Basically this is really just a legion born of some as yet unidentified individual having fled the original wars, whom is now the emperor of his own legion. The questions surrounding this are:
1) How has he lived all these 1300+ years?
2) How he could ever establish such a dynasty and that it continued to flourish?
3) What is his motive besides (or perhaps for) galactic domination?
And probably a few other questions, but none I can think of ATM that are burning.
4) What (if any) differences are there to his philosophy as a sith ruler compared to his predecessors, and what of this different philosophy makes it necessarily any more superior?

Which in conclusion if he had to go into the unkonw regions who is to say the sith in TOR are one of which came from the "true sith"
I'm pretty sure this and perhaps some of your related questions to it can be (and have already been) answered if you go look at the linked videos in the SWTOR section--the republic holonet subforum.
Have fun!

there will always be sith if their are jedi... ALWAYS...
Of course. They'll change throughout the times, but yes.

i believe revan found the "true sith" and faced them and the fate of revan and the "true sith" is what it is. Did he waste his entire life to find them? Did he fight them? How many Sith were there? Were those sith fighting themselves? too many questions with little answers.
I hoped that I shed at least some light on Revan's possible fate in post #14 above. Will gladly clarify anything you need. Warning, it is spoiler-heavy.
For brevity sake I will just merely say what made Revan so significant was that he figured out the flaws of the old sith as well as how to bring down the Jedi.

As it relates to his fate and the MMO: Personal opinion is that Revan found the call of home; that he was merely an agent cog in the much, much larger scheme of things whether or not he knew it at any given time. Revan chose to fight it in his own way once he learned the truth.

I also believe that this war, having gone on since Exar Kun, is merely the continuation from the scraps of the grand galactic war a thousand years before Revan. It just took merely certain pieces of the puzzle falling into place over time in order to give the Sith exile who fled to Dromund Kaas and started his empire anew what he needed to once again wage war.

I'm sure this Emperor will have figured out some things to refine his sith from past sith, but will be searching in vain for the real secret of how to truly bring down the Jedi and rule the galaxy. Why do I say this? Well...You'll have to read the Darth Bane novels to find out what I am getting at. OR simply read my spoilers above if you don't have the patience. I'll gladly clarify anything you want.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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