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As Takeda threw his Shadow Ice Ball, Kaneda's final stages of his Plasma Release Combo attack were building up and took place. Each sphere was spinning with destructive plasma; emiting a purple, blue and neon orange glow. He spread out his arms, so the spheres could gather more and more energy.

Just as Gatoa was dealing with Takeda's Shadow Ice Ball, the dark-plated shinobi came from behind the creature, grabbed him by one of his tails and performed his most deadly move. "Black Ice Technique: Shadow's Touch!"

Just as Takeda performed his technique, Kaneda unleashed his. His arms outstretched forward; locking his closed fists together. The two spheres merged, and fired a spinning beam of plasma energy like a canon - discharging his remaining plasma formed chakra and expelling it onto Gatoa.

It was all very overwhelming for Gatoa, all whilst dealing with Takeda's paralysing and draining Shadow Touch and Kaneda's Discharge Canon. At first he tried blocking it with his tails, but two super powers were simply too much to handel. Gatoa lost control, and the plasma discharge canon met with his chest. The beam quarterised and dug in through his natural leathery armor skin. As the energy injected into his body, his veins began glowing. Then his muscles, his eye. Everywhere.

His body finally exploded into a million pieces; the white chakra energy escaping from his former shell. The white chakra flew and formed into a menacing dragon-like figure. The chakra then seperated and spread out. "We will find another way" a cold, hollow voice announced, as the chakra fleed from the scene.

Kaneda landed on the floor, knee first. Then he stood up, huffing and puffing. His body was literally steaming from the effort. They did it. They defeated Gatoa and the Ten-Tailed Beast. There wasnt time for celebrations right now, they had to escape from this wretched place. Kaneda looked at the timer, and saw 3 minutes remaining.

"Specter!"Kaneda called out. "We could really use your help right now...!"

((YEAH!!! OWNED!!! SUPER-SAIYAN'D!!!! :P :P :P :P))
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