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^^^ Good one. Yes it is *so* obvious.

Originally Posted by bladecatcher View Post
well its obvious that revan died and didnt defeat the sith because that would mean the sektology of star wars films were pointless but what i want to know is what was up the with ending for tsl and the thing with carth and bastila what happened?

Ok, sounds like you haven't even played K1--that or you haven't payed enough attention to the storyline.

The ending for cryptic and vague... Thank you lucasarts for rushing it out... In other words it's incomplete as-is, what you see is what you get. So it's left to your imagination--and any official canon. Just anyone knows this.

Carth and Bastilla? They're curious for any news on Revan. Being that you're the last of the Jedi in the known galaxy, it would be logical to ask you about Revan, would it not?

May I suggest you do a little searching and reading for yourself to satisfy your curiosity if you're having trouble with understanding the storyline in the game?

Good luck!

and i want to know how revan died so there is a point to make a kotor 3
What *exactly* happened to Revan in the outer regions? I can't tell you *exactly*. ...I have TRIED to give a hint at this in post #14 based on relevant known canon.

This will probably be covered in the upcoming MMO. Maybe, maybe not.

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