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Karela simply watched with a blank face as Gatoa literally exploded as Kaneda fought him. The chakra that was released from his body then took on the shape of a dragon. She reached into her Kunai puch and sighed as she found out it was empty.

I knew I should have bought more before I left the village.

"We will find another way"

If you do...Then I'll be waiting. And next time I'll make sure to destroy you once and for all.

"So! What I miss?"

Karela turned to Asuka and smiled grimly as she walked over to Dai's body and hoisted it over her shoulder. "Kaneda and Takeda managed to take out Gatoa, but if we don't get out of here soon we won't be able to celebrate our victory."

Karela turned to look over at Yoroi who was still out cold on the floor. "Asuka, do you think you could grab Yoroi? I have my hands full right now."
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