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"Specter!"Kaneda called out. "We could really use your help right now...!"

Specter looked at the bomb and nearly jumped back.

"Right!" Specter teleported away.

Takeda landed back on the ground and removed his seal. The black material shattered and disintegrated at the same time. He was still in shock that they were able to get him but glad none the less.

Hey stupid, there's still a bomb that's going to go off

Oh, right. Oh and thanks Takai, we wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

Yeah whatever...just don't get used to this.

"Asuka, do you think you could grab Yoroi? I have my hands full right now."

"I'll help you Asuka," he said walking over to Yoroi.

Specter reappeared and opened a portal. The first one was already in place.

"Alright everyone, through the portal!" he shouted to the group.
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