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New version:

v0.2 beta:
- Automated extraction of monkey2.000 and monkey2.001.
- "Oh. Shut up." wrong sample at Woddy.
- Cut off "You see that candle over there?".
- Music sync when dream-LeChuck morphs into root beer spraying Guybrush.
- Music stopped at peninsula. (v0.1 beta)
- "Nice." variations included.
- Various scenes now honor the "original text"/"match voice" setting.
- Stan variations for open and closed coffin.
- At Dinky beach, Guybrush automatically picks up the glass if necessary instead of magically filling it with water.
- Propper fix for spitting out the candle in easy mode.
- The wheel of fortune graphic always stopped at black (dark) in easy mode.
- Roulette dealer announced random colors in easy mode instead of the chosen one. (v0.1 beta)
- In the final chapter, you always have at least 4 seconds to react when LeChuck appears now. Previously, this was completely dependent on subtitle speed.
- Using the voodoo doll inside the lift wasn't supposed to be done, because it interferes with other scripts, yet it was possible when making the voodoo doll and using it fast enough as soon LeChuck appears. This is no longer possible.
- Paper look with Kate's flyer on the wanted-poster fixed.
- Mle Island door fixed.
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