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Finished Part I - here's a complete list of bugs & dialogue changes I noticed so far:

Dialogue Changes
While being mugged by Largo:
There are no police on Scabb Island! = There's no police on Scabb Island!
Maybe I should make you one out of cement! = Maybe I should cut you one out of cement!

Talking to Captain Dread:
There's no way he'd let me leave. = There's no way he would let me leave.

Getting a job in the Bloody Lip:
Now go strap on an apron and get to work. = Now go strap on that apron and get to work.

(I know some of these are incredibly minor, but thought I'd document them anyway to get the most detailed list possible for you.)

-When looking at your riches at the start, the line This maybe a lot of money, but it's nothing compared to how rich I'll be when I find Big Whoop. has a typo; in this context, it should read may be rather than the word maybe.
-If Largo discovers you in his room, his final line of dialogue, So, get the $#*&# out of here!, gets cut off by Guybrush leaving the room. Is there any way to force the scene to not change until the line is finished?
-When you have the completed voodoo doll of Largo, let Largo kick you out of his room before you get a chance to use it - the audio for his line Get out of my room. cuts off partway through.
-The Bartender in the Bloody Lip is the only character not affected by the lighting - Guybrush, Largo and Bernard are all darkened when in the bar, and adjust brightness depending on where in the bar they are, but the Bartender does not and looks unusually bright compared to everyone else as a result.

That's all I found in Part I. Will post again with anything more when I've completed some more of the game. = ) Loving it so far though. Particularly nice to hear the other "Nice" variations implemented, too. Excellent work!

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