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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
There's no way he'd let me leave. = There's no way he would let me leave.
I would think about that one as the actor's liberty. There are a lot lines like this, also in MI1SE. I wouldn't exactly call it broken.
Typos on the other hand, I will fix, of course, like I already did a few. And those really altered texts, I will add for the "match voice acting"-option.
-The Bartender in the Bloody Lip is the only character not affected by the lighting - Guybrush, Largo and Bernard are all darkened when in the bar, and adjust brightness depending on where in the bar they are, but the Bartender does not and looks unusually bright compared to everyone else as a result.
This is no true color game. The colors are limited, and so is what can be done with these effects. If you look further, you will notice that the fishes in the background have the wrong brightness in cutscenes, ie. the same as Largo/Bernard. That won't change either.
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