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Originally Posted by Drakmyth View Post
Yeah, I went through every page in that section of the forum and found some pretty nice things. I saw the Visual Enhancement mod 2009 in there too (the 2011 one is only for TSL I think, and I don't have TSL yet). Most of the mods in there aren't tagged though. Between that and there seeming to be mods on the filefront page that aren't in that forum, I was just wondering if there was some easily searchable central repository with EVERYTHING that I just hadn't come across yet. I guess not though.
Yeah, but perhaps Filefront is a better place to look for mods, although I usually follow thread at Lucasforums before downloading.

And my bad. Totally forgot VE was TSL-only. Still, there are a lot of new texturing done (in fact, there are mods with areas done entirely from scratch. Look for Quanon and Silveredge9's amazing works).

That's cool. I just noticed the animation fix, romance fix, and occasional armor/texture fix threads and got the impression there were a good number of bugs that had never been fixed.
Just a bunch of small fixes here and there. All in all, and for nowadays standard, KotOR is not really a buggy game.


I'm always a little worried when making my first post on a new forum. There always seem to be things that everyone knows but are difficult to find out if you're a newcomer, and people then get annoyed if you ask about them.

Thanks for the help!
You're welcome. And I feel you, but you said you looked for them so there's really no harm in asking.


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