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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
This is no true color game. The colors are limited, and so is what can be done with these effects. If you look further, you will notice that the fishes in the background have the wrong brightness in cutscenes, ie. the same as Largo/Bernard. That won't change either.
Ah, righto - my mistake. Should have realised there'd be a limit on effects of that sort.

Anyway, have just finished Part II and have a mammoth list of bugs and dialogue changes ready for you. That's probably the largest part of the game out of the way now. I might see if I can do Parts III and IV all at once when I next get the chance to play, since they're both pretty small and self-contained.

Dialogue Changes:
Talking to DeWaat on Booty:
What? They doin' a treasure hunt again this year? = What? They're doin' a treasure hunt again this year?

Looking at the Spit Plaque:
It's a plaque with an old-looking gob of something on it. = It's a plaque with an odd-looking gob of something on it.

Talking to Elaine:
You know, I do have work to do. = You know, I have work to do.
Go tell it to your mamma. = Go tell it to your mother.

Talking to the Fisherman on Phatt:
I think you're just trying to get your hands on my pole. = I think you're just trying to get your hands on my fishing pole.
I'll give you my prize-winning pole. = I'll give you my prize-winning fishing pole.
Think I'll just drop a line right here. = Think I'll drop a line right here.

Looking at the mirror at Rum Rogers':
That's a nice looking beard. = That is a nice looking beard. (Unless the SE subtitle for this replacement line really says "That's" rather than "That is", in which case just leave it as is - I haven't had a chance to check this, so thought I'd mention it regardless).

Delivery Men in Scabb Island Swamp:
Hey, Rich. I could use a hand with this one. = Hey, Rich. I sure could use a hand with this one.

In LeChuck's Fortress (cutscene):
You will regret a lot more if he finds another. = You will regret it a lot more if he finds another.

On Captain Kate's Ship:
This ship is so small, the rats leaving it are humpbacked. = This ship is so small, the rats are leaving it humpbacked.

-Talking to DeWaat on Booty, the line Well, if it's a party your looking for... has a typo; your should be you're in this context.
-At Stan's, I'm pretty sure the line Making plot reservations now insures you a space at our popular Scabb Island Internment Park™... has a typo - the context of the line suggests that insures is actually intended to be ensures, as in "guarantees". Not sure about this one, though.
-During the bone dance, rib bone is consistently mis-spelt as rip bone in all of the lines sung by the skeletons. This doesn't affect any of Guybrush's lines or the lyrics written on the paper as far as I could see.

Booty Island:
-In the Antique Shop, if you talk to the parrot while the antique dealer is talking, after finishing its line the parrot doesn't stop its' talking animation. Instead, the animation will continue until the dealer finishes his remaining lines of dialogue.
-At Stan's, Guybrush still points the wrong way if facing the coffin and selecting the dialogue option How much is that coffin?. Adding the same check to see which way he's facing that you added to the Could you show me that coffin again? dialogue option should fix this.
-Sometimes, when Stan is in the coffin, if you open the coffin just as Stan's line is ending, even though the coffin is open his next line will be said in the "coffin closed" muffled voice and his talking animation will not play. Sometimes this also affects it the other way - if you close the coffin sometimes he will speak his next line in the "out of the coffin" voice. This seems harder to do than the other way around, though.
-At the Spitting Contest, there's an art goof - the banner on the far right reads "Pirate's Spit Contest!" rather than "Pirates' Spit Contest" as it should. Originally all the banners were incorrect, but this was fixed sometime between the demo and the full game; however, this banner was apparently missed when they fixed the other two.
-At Governor Marley's Party, when the skeleton guest says It's alright., the audio says Yep. instead. This seems like it's probably using the wrong audio file, rather than being a dialogue change, as the same Yep. is also correctly used elsewhere.
-Also at the party, the Pig-mask guest on the far right seems to have the audio files for his (cheap sexual innuendo) and (mindless retort) lines the wrong way around - currently his (cheap sexual innuendo) is a reply to the clown's (cheap sexual innuendo), while his (mindless retort) is him telling his own tale of innuendo.

Phatt Island:
-In the Jail, When offering the bone to Walt, Guybrush's whistle sounds occur at the same time as his dialogue lines Here, doggie doggie. and Here boy! It would be impossible for him to whistle to the dog and speak at the same time. Is it possible to make each whistle happen just before each of his lines instead?
-Also in the Jail, When talking to Captain Kate, Guybrush's line, I can explain, I--, gets cut off earlier than it should.
-At the top of the waterfall, when I used the monkey on the pump, the waterfall sound cut out after Guybrush had taken the monkey out of his pocket but before he'd actually used it to turn off the pump. Not sure what caused this.

Scabb Island:
-At the Voodoo Shack, the bug I mentioned before where the Voodoo Lady has two heads when taking Rapp Scallion's ashes from you still occurs. It looks like her head from her sitting/talking animation stays in place while her body plays the animation for taking the ashes, resulting in her briefly having two heads.
-On the close-up of Rapp Scallion's coffin, this bug occurred. Rapp Scallion's map piece was the third I got. Guybrush's line, That makes three map pieces - only one to go! occurred at the same time as Rapp's disappearing animation. Although the audio for the line played, no text was displayed despite being in Speech and Subtitles mode. Is this Rapp's animation interfering with the line? If so, is it possible to delay the appropriate
That's the (X)th map piece line until after Rapp is done disappearing?

One last question - I didn't include this in the bugs list as it would involve heavy modification of a background, and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for this project, but: are there any plans to fix the lack of any floor outside the Woodcutter's door in Woodtick, or will this be left as-is to preserve the original background art as-is?

Anyway, hope that's not too mammoth of a list for you! = ) I've tried to be incredibly thorough on this playthrough to maxmise the amount of bugs I'm catching, so I'm afraid it's quite a large info-dump at once. Will let you know as soon as I have anything more, k? Until then, keep up the good work! = D

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