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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
-Sometimes, when Stan is in the coffin, if you open the coffin just as Stan's line is ending, even though the coffin is open his next line will be said in the "coffin closed" muffled voice and his talking animation will not play. Sometimes this also affects it the other way - if you close the coffin sometimes he will speak his next line in the "out of the coffin" voice. This seems harder to do than the other way around, though.
This implementation was rather complicated, so I'm not suprised it didn't work perfect right away. I'll look into it.
Also, the game might hang when trying to open the coffin after nailed shut, I noticed. Should be easier to fix than the other issue, though.
-At Governor Marley's Party, when the skeleton guest says It's alright., the audio says Yep. instead. This seems like it's probably using the wrong audio file, rather than being a dialogue change, as the same Yep. is also correctly used elsewhere.
The correct file doesn't seem to exist, so I intentionally used this instead. I forgot about it when implementing the "match voice"-mode. I will change the subtitle accordingly.
-Also at the party, the Pig-mask guest on the far right seems to have the audio files for his (cheap sexual innuendo) and (mindless retort) lines the wrong way around - currently his (cheap sexual innuendo) is a reply to the clown's (cheap sexual innuendo), while his (mindless retort) is him telling his own tale of innuendo.
Interesting. The subtitles don't suggest anything meaningful, so I just put them in order. Should be easy to change, though.
Phatt Island:
-In the Jail, When offering the bone to Walt, Guybrush's whistle sounds occur at the same time as his dialogue lines Here, doggie doggie. and Here boy! It would be impossible for him to whistle to the dog and speak at the same time. Is it possible to make each whistle happen just before each of his lines instead?
I think, this was the first I changed after uploading v0.2. It was obviously enough, so I tweaked the timing a bit. Funny enough, the same bug is present in the SE in classic mode.
-At the top of the waterfall, when I used the monkey on the pump, the waterfall sound cut out after Guybrush had taken the monkey out of his pocket but before he'd actually used it to turn off the pump. Not sure what caused this.
Not only there. It pretty much stops randomly, even if you just wait at the fall or at the pump. Probably a limitation of iMuse AdLib. This and some similar bugs are documented by ScummVM, yet no one managed to write a workaround yet. I guess, changing the scripts won't solve this issue.
One last question - I didn't include this in the bugs list as it would involve heavy modification of a background, and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for this project, but: are there any plans to fix the lack of any floor outside the Woodcutter's door in Woodtick, or will this be left as-is to preserve the original background art as-is?
I think, I leave it to any graphics enhancements projects, just like I did with MI1. There are quite some inconsistencies in the drawings, which fortunately don't interfere with gameplay.
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