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"Alright everyone, through the portal!"

Kaneda nodded, and rushed everybody into the spinning portal that was to exit this terrible place. "Go go go!"

The bomb was nearing the end of its warm-up period. As soon as everybody entered the portal, there were only 30 seconds remaining on the timer. Kaneda grabbed Specter by his arm, and pulled him into the portal. They both entered the spinning, hellish vortex: soon they saw light up ahead.


They both landed on the familiar sandy shores of the beach overlooking the ocean. The next thing everybody knew there was a heavy vibration below there feet, and shook the earth like an earthquake. Blasts of fire bursted from the portal Specter had made, acting as a conduit from the Hidden Base to the beach. The portal began closing. The earthquake began settling down, after a few long minutes.

The objective was complete: Gatoa and the Arashi were destroyed. The fate of the Ten Tailed Dragon's spirit was left ambiguous. Kaneda stood up, and began reverting back into his normal state. All of his white fur degenerated and reveresed back into his skin. His tails shrunk and disapeared. His long pointy ears returned to human shape.

Kaneda dusted off his torn and blood stained clothing. He looked around at everybody else, whom was recovering from battle. Things seemed abit quiet. Kaneda soon noticed the entire army didnt greet them on the beach. They werent there. Did they all make it out alive?

Naruto was the first to say something. "We've ended up on the wrong beach..." he said. He picked himself up. "Everybody should be a few kilometers away from here..."


Tategami was waiting on the beach, along with the remaining numbers of the army that infiltrated and destroyed the base. He didnt lose hope: he could feel Naruto, Kaneda and the others. They could have been caught within the blast. Atleast, thats what the Commander thought.

"Its been half an hour. They havent rende vous with us. I'm begining to lose hope."

"They'll be here!" Tategami assured. He looked in the distace. Sure enough. Seven figures were in the distance, walking towards the army. Naruto was carrying Dai's body.

They arived face to face with Tategami and the Commander. Tategami beamed and ruffled Kaneda's hair. "They were begining to lose hope that you had not returned." he then eyed Dai's body. No life signs. Tategami expressed a sad face. "Oh no..."

Tategami walked to where Naruto was standing, holding Dai. He placed a hand on his forehead protector. "He was an excellent student. No... he was more than that."
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