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"The ten-tails is on the loose and we need to think about how we're going to handle that problem"

Tategami looked down at the sand below him, removing his hand from Dai's forehead. He stared at Naruto when Karela imposed this question.

"When a Jinchuuriki dies, its takes his bijuu with him. When we're considering a Ten Tailed Beast with the sum total of nine heritages, of course it isnt gonna go down that easily."

"For now, we can only keep fighting. And fighting. Eventually, we may learn of a means to destroying it." Naruto spoke. "But today marks the day of the end of an evil that could have devastated the entire world. Their hearts were in the right mind, but their methods were simply too extreme with many negatives."

"They werent environmentalists..." Kaneda added. "They were extremists. Yet while the Arashi arent the best examples, we can learn from their motives and undo the damage humanity has caused this planet."

He looked out at the ocean sunset. Purple was begining to darken the sky, with the starting to rise. Kaneda left the group. He began thinking for the future ahead of him.
Somehow, he could still feel the Nine-Tails spirit within his Werebeast form, and began wondering if it will ever diminish. It felt eternal, yet he couldnt explain why.

He felt this mission was a form of revolution for him. He hadent thought to much about his future, up until now. He wanted to explore the Shinobi Land and beyond, from an artistic point of view. He heard of an academy that specialises in Kenjustu and Sword Arts, that he often thought of taking up.

((sorry - meant to be Kenjustu, not Juinjustu. Got mixed up with the names ))

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