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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
I actually like the new graphics. They look more cartoonish but they didn't went overboard with it - like they did with TOR - and the animations seems more fluid.
It could just be our tastes in graphics, but I'd say that those graphics are less fluid and even more cartoonish. TOR's animations are at least in sync in regards to their animations (model movements lining up correctly), while in this trailer they were very out of sync.
Originally Posted by Mav
The seemingly new direction of game-play worries me more than the graphics.
At the moment I am using graphics as an assessment because simply put Bioware games tend to be sold on graphics. Granted, Mass Effect (I & II) has an interesting combat system, but I've seen the same thing done in other games.

Most of what's really changed with Bioware's games since Jade Empire is "higher quality" graphics and cutscenes.

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