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If it's going to have that awful Mass Effect 2 armour system, with very limited PC choices and no party-NPC choices, I think it would actually be quite a big problem for me. I like the option of the unique npc clothing and all that (as with Morrigan in DAO), but it shouldn't be at the expense of the customisation option that comes with the simple ability to equip armour and items.

Hopefully, all of the above there is just an unfortunate misperception of the trailer.

And I, at least, was very happy with DAO's graphics. I saw (and see) no problem with them that couldn't be solved with, perhaps, using a higher resolution on the textures. As I've said elsewhere in this thread, the 'new and unique graphical style' isn't anywhere near the list of draws to the game. Again, it's the potential impact on customisation, of faces this time, that worries me. The Mass Effect 2 example springs to mind - custom looked nowhere near the quality of the default, far less the standard of other things in the game.

As for gameplay, the big thing concerning me (still) is the 'framed narrative' and 'cutting down on shoe leather'. Now, having recently played The Witcher I'm marginally less worried about how restrictive it is, but compared to DAO there is no denying that it is still rather restrictive. That may just be down to personal taste...

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