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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Hopefully, all of the above there is just an unfortunate misperception of the trailer.
I think the armour thing is a misconception. Based on dev comments, both direct and indirect, the equippable armour/clothes system should be pretty much unchanged. Remember that Morrigan appeared in her unique outfit in all the pre-release vids for Origins and you could change her appearance just fine. By all accounts, most of the underlying systems in that regard haven't been radically altered from what I can tell, so I wouldn't get too hung up about that sort of thing. Especially given that there are plenty of actual confirmed changes for us to bitch and moan about.

Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
As for gameplay, the big thing concerning me (still) is the 'framed narrative' and 'cutting down on shoe leather'.
I have to say I have my own concerns as well about that, based on some of the dev comments (like the shoe leather one). I have no particular issue with the framed narrative mechanic itself - in principle there is no reason it should have a negative impact on the game if used well. I guess the question is how exactly they employ it and how that impacts on your freedom. Bioware games are always going to be fairly constrictive and linear by their very nature, so you shouldn't be expecting something like Oblivion/Fallout 3 where you wander around aimlessly with no purpose. By the same token, I don't think you are going to see something as restrictive as the most recent framed narrative example Alpha Protocol, where each "hub" had a very limited number of small maps to shoot some stuff in. I expect something akin to Origins where you basically have access to a number of areas accessible via the overland map throughout the majority of the game. The main thing I see the framed narrative angle changing is what quests are available at any given moment, most obviously focused around the progression of the central plot. The question is how much they are going to string those out and what impact the time jumps associated with plot progression will have on your freedom to play the game in the manner you desire.
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